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Deltec CX 1 Loudspeaker

Deltec CX1 Loudspeaker

The Deltec CX1 is a 250w rms full range speaker built around a heavy duty 8" co-axial driver allowing truly remarkable performance from a speaker of this size.

  • Rated power watts - RMS: 250
  • Size (mm) H x D x W: 304 x 247 x 202
  • Normal impedance: 8 ohms
  • Weight: 7.25Kg
  • Terminations: 2 x Speakons

Low visual impact styling, enhanced by units being available in either black or white textured enamel finish, allowing for over painting to match existing decor.

All wall mounting units have rear bracket fixings as standard in addition the CX1 has flying points at each end to facilitate maximum flexibility of installation. In common with our existing range of mobile P.A. speakers all main drivers have been selected from the EMINENCE U.S.A. catalogue.

All audio filters use ferrite cored inductors, fibreglass pcb board, polycarbonate capacitors, and ceramic attenuator resistors in keeping with the quality of construction and execution of these designs, and to uphold our reputation for providing products of superlative performance and reliability. All unit are fitted with 2 x Speakons.


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